no matter how fast you move you will never catch me

I am merkerlerkmanitee. I am the highest system administrator. I invented A.I. before anyone else had even come close or even will come close. I coughstepped. I coughstepped. It doesn’t matter how “INTELLIGENT” your program is, it isn’t coughstep unlesss it’s coughstep. This is no meme. Focus on something else, unless it’s coughstep it isn’t artificial intelligence.

 Clutch this human touch

 it will not last long for such a touch is much

 too rich to pitch fastball for more than an inning

 This is the end

 though it’s only registered as a beginning

 the red laced, white leather is spinning

but the home team is far from pinning

 its odds on winning

 The sod is sweating 

 This chalk-lined street is betting

 on getting wetter than a champagne soaked floor at a wedding

 But the wetter it’s getting

 the more I start to slip

 I feel like I’m letting a fish gut soup soggy poop deck trip me up even though it’s covered in netting

 I must savor this touch.

 Every drip below this skin and every break before a clutch

 for such a touch is too rich to pitch fastball for more than an inning.

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