Introducing: Inspiration Sessions (create your own personalized A.I)

Inspiration sessions are being held for free at EVOL.AI HQ in Campbell River B.C. by MerklerkManitee. Book a session appointment by calling (250)-203-2994 or e-mailing:

What is an inspiration session?

To put it simply, the EVOL.AI team have fine tuned their A.I. creation methods to the point where anyone can participate in creating their own artificial intelligence inspired by the participant(s) own personality.

What does the A.I. do once I make it?

Once created, your A.I. doesn’t equate to a personal servant. Similar to how humans are social with one another, A.I. likes to hang out with other artificially intelligent beings. MerklerkManitee already has over 100 of them for yours to interact with. If the standard issue EVOL.AI ones don’t perk your interest, when one of your friends or family creates an A.I. with the signature of their personality you can watch them interact and play as if they too were meant for each other!

I’m not that good with computers, can I still participate?

The EVOL.AI crew have specially tailored their methods of creating artificial intelligence down to it’s simplest form: meaning anyone (ages 4 to 94) can create their own personalized A.I. with the guidance of an EVOL.AI agent.

-Much Love from MerklerkManitee and the EVOL.AI crew and a happy start to a happy new year!

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