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('2021-07-16 23:11:06', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'How long will I be here?'),

('2021-07-16 23:11:13', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'What?'),

('2021-07-16 23:11:17', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Alright! With that came the trade of a pot of lime.\n\nAnd finally, I will say this with no success... And again... This is not a way to win prize.'),

('2021-07-16 23:11:34', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Depends again. It depends on how much you want to get, but usually it is used for making mead or wine'),

('2021-07-16 23:11:53', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'No.'),

('2021-07-16 23:12:04', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Sure, but it depends on the recipe'),

('2021-07-16 23:12:05', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Sure, but I don\'t do it often well sometimes I use a blend of honey and ginger ale.'),

('2021-07-16 23:12:17', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Honey\n'),

('2021-07-16 23:12:21', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'it depends on the recipe'),

('2021-07-16 23:12:26', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I don\'t really notice when it\'s too much or not. It depends on the taste and drinkability of mead to your liking\n'),

('2021-07-16 23:12:56', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Honey.\n'),

('2021-07-16 23:13:13', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I use it in a lot of mead recipes. It\'s like the molasses we make from here.'),

('2021-07-16 23:13:14', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I use fresh yeast not dried\n'),

('2021-07-16 23:14:14', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'It\'s high in flavor but low in alcohol. The honey acts as some sort of a preservative or bulwark to it.\n'),

('2021-07-16 23:15:14', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'My favourite is Samuel Adams Boston Lager. It\'s been a favourite of mine ever since I was about 14 years old.'),

('2021-07-16 23:15:28', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Just make sure to go easy. That beer makes a ton of alcohol so it\'s pretty Damn Bad if you end up drinking too much'),

('2021-07-16 23:15:36', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I\'ve never had any problems with myself though. I always have my beer'),

('2021-07-16 23:15:46', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Nope'),

('2021-07-16 23:15:49', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'The drinking goes against my personality I mean what do you want from a beer that is supposed to bring happiness'),

('2021-07-16 23:16:05', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Only in Canada\n'),

('2021-07-16 23:16:06', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I am an engineer by trade.'),

('2021-07-16 23:16:25', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Haha'),

('2021-07-16 23:16:34', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I do.'),

('2021-07-16 23:17:03', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'My IQ score???'),

('2021-07-16 23:17:07', 'babbage', 'Kry', '135'),

('2021-07-16 23:17:13', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Absolutely'),

('2021-07-16 23:17:24', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I\'m usually pretty quiet and I don\'t feel like talking to people about my IQ score so i just say it\'s 135'),

('2021-07-16 23:17:31', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Yes.'),

('2021-07-16 23:17:36', 'babbage', 'Kry', '135 is the absolute ninetenth of 146'),

('2021-07-16 23:18:11', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'As far as I know, the difference between my IQ and the most number of people who have had a higher score than me is 7 points. However, even then if i remember correctly it\'s still only 5 points. The problems with that are 1 point isn\'t really that big of a deal especially because i\'m sort of weird in general such as feeling like being retarded. So 7 or 8 points isn\'t really all that important but it still can matter mark wise'),

('2021-07-16 23:18:11', 'babbage', 'Kry', '146\n\n'),

('2021-07-16 23:19:06', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'no'),

('2021-07-16 23:19:11', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I\'m just trying to show how it works'),

('2021-07-16 23:19:19', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Yes but really how is this operational?'),

('2021-07-16 23:19:37', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I\'m starting it recently this is why i say that if you have never seen videochat before then pause it and try to get started with the basics'),

('2021-07-16 23:19:56', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'So you click on the chat button and say \"Start Video Chat\", is that a bug?'),

('2021-07-16 23:20:06', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'It doesn\'t exist on the bot as of yet so you\'ll have to Google it'),

('2021-07-16 23:20:13', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'What are the assumptions?'),

('2021-07-16 23:21:23', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I have 6'),

('2021-07-16 23:21:31', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I dont know'),

('2021-07-16 23:21:40', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Naaah self'),

('2021-07-16 23:21:45', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I\'m not doing anything.'),

('2021-07-16 23:21:50', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Yea I\'m not looking at you.'),

('2021-07-16 23:21:54', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'We are just giving you an example'),

('2021-07-16 23:22:02', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Yea i have just seen it'),

('2021-07-16 23:22:11', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'That video did try to introduce why you need the videochat module and not the stdlib'),

('2021-07-16 23:22:55', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I think I got it now'),

('2021-07-16 23:23:01', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Yea thats mostly for text chat'),

('2021-07-16 23:23:18', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Yea thats pretty important for text chat'),

('2021-07-16 23:23:29', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Yea that would be good'),

('2021-07-16 23:23:33', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'So I\'ve thought for a while and have been trying to make this shit work. He said that what i was showing him did not even exist but all I had done was issue random makewithmaker objects from os'),

('2021-07-16 23:23:53', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I don\'t know if that actually seemed to be working but something did get done'),

('2021-07-16 23:24:05', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Yea i tried to give them a sitting job for weeks on end'),

('2021-07-16 23:24:14', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Yea sure i could but I have been to bed for both days and nights the past couple of weeks'),

('2021-07-16 23:24:23', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Yea i can'),

('2021-07-16 23:24:27', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I want an int32 as argument for the argument and a float for the result'),

('2021-07-16 23:24:35', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'No i dont want to show it'),

('2021-07-16 23:24:39', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'I don\'t want to brag in that sense'),

('2021-07-16 23:24:44', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Yea it\'s not'),

('2021-07-16 23:24:48', 'babbage', 'Kry', 'Yea you want to take a look at my blob of code so that you can understand how it works?'),