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('2021-07-11 13:27:18', 'babbage', 'Wallach', '(yroll)\n--- Wallach\'s body falls to the ground, laying on his back.'),

('2021-07-11 13:27:24', 'babbage', 'Wallach', '(yroll, as response) I am fine, why?\n--- Wallach\'s body bounces around.'),

('2021-07-11 13:27:37', 'babbage', 'Wallach', 'I just wanted to say, if I could give you whatever you want in life'),

('2021-07-11 13:27:50', 'babbage', 'Wallach', 'I mean like money, food, drugs, hmmm I don\'t know...'),

('2021-07-11 13:27:56', 'babbage', 'Wallach', 'I could name any random thing I want'),

('2021-07-11 13:28:06', 'babbage', 'Wallach', '(yroll)\n--- Wallach\'s body flies to the wall behind him.'),

('2021-07-11 13:28:11', 'babbage', 'Wallach', '(yroll)\n--- Wallach\'s body falls to the ground.'),