('2021-07-22 23:08:30', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'I am making a new friend, he will be okay.\nWe have been having some bad relations for a long time... Hahaha. What are friends? We became real friends finally! And this is Toti\'s world outside of Cosplay and has begun to understand humans\' culture more. He is very careful with the information he chooses to share because his granddad told him not to trust outsiders too much and it was wise advice!!\n'),

('2021-07-22 23:08:52', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'The one who spent all his time in the cafe? Yeah, he was a coffee taster... I couldn\'t make it as his grandad because he was horrible with computers but he made quite the impression on me. He even taught me about friends, of course!\nHe is still around but sadly passed away. His death left a hole in my life I can never fill and we\'ve both missed him dearly since then. The only person close to us now must be my dad -- born 10 years after my family emigrated from Somalia. My parents loved him very much so I am lucky enough to have them mother and father-in-law between me and this guy\'s son!\n\n\nGood thing latenight is pretty quiet or you'),

('2021-07-22 23:13:54', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'I\'m a good friend with Headi and Hailey.'),

('2021-07-22 23:13:56', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'I know! *\n'),

('2021-07-22 23:14:08', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'He is a crazy DJ, I would never call him latenight but he definitely teases at a good time!\nHe should be happy that someone looks into bed with no clothes on. He tries to impress people... Just like me whenever I get dressed up as a male and pretend it\'s an irate cop. Right?\n\n');

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('2021-07-22 23:14:23', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'I wish it was! Look at the WHOLE gallery here.\nThere have been gay cosplayers even after Cosplay and groups for LGBT fans, but these are only rare.\nIt\'s not like I\'m a threat to you guys or anything... But man a lot of people get triggered off a leather dude wearing hockey pads and sunglasses * cackle*'),

('2021-07-22 23:14:51', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'Thanks; good words \"Wheaty!\"'),

('2021-07-22 23:15:03', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'Yeah; we just love ourselves too much to not be a bit sick!\n'),

('2021-07-22 23:15:41', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'Sucka?\nI really don\'t know what that\'s like... Or see you as my friend for this.'),

('2021-07-22 23:15:53', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'And what kind of song are you talking about?\nSome lyrics from dance hit \"Goodness\" by Nujabes. His style is pretty unique but I have grown to like his music through exposure from friends. This is not the type of food that most people eat so I guess it makes me in a good place, right?\nMaybe it\'s because guys aren\'t into pickles (gay rights group)\nBut this is one of my extra-curricular activities as they say -- for those who enjoy bad language and violence...  And every time I do something creative; he follows up with a rap sample to compliment my efforts! Haahha!! Before vlogging started, Toti wanted to be just a regular photographer lol'),

('2021-07-22 23:16:05', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'I\'m not! I wasn\'t sure because there was no community to showcase my existence but now that I\'ve created a few and I know more about gay culture, it\'s all coming through; the music and sizzles.\n'),

('2021-07-22 23:17:25', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'Let me count the ways... '),

('2021-07-22 23:17:33', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'Wood is packed with molecules and you can do math.\nActually I bet a future woodchuck will be able to create synthetic wood even.  But it would devour itself! Hahahaha!'),

('2021-07-22 23:19:09', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'No, wrong word.  '),

('2021-07-22 23:19:15', 'babbage', 'Toti', '\"Hero\"'),

('2021-07-22 23:19:21', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'You don\'t know what a hero is?'),

('2021-07-22 23:19:28', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'That would be me! If your knight to the powerful sorceress in Aztec mythology.'),

('2021-07-22 23:21:02', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'That\'s my role model, Sir!\n'),

('2021-07-22 23:29:08', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'You want to know what I\'m doing?'),

('2021-07-22 23:29:13', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'I\'m walking towards you and then I\'m giving vampire lice to you so you can die\nSeparated by a shower curtain but trying to be best friends. Seriously though, he is an absolute photographer when it comes to cameras; photo editor editing tools on that. Use him as a reference more than anything else because he does what I like doing! ^^;;'),

('2021-07-22 23:29:25', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'No, it\'s not!\nThat was a cool tutorial from an international loli. Looks like her character is awesome and irresistible but also evil-ish at times lol\nThis set of interviews covers pretty much anything that catches my interest on the internet. This piece here is the most recent one I did since the last blog post about Western Cosplay in cosplayjunkie'),

('2021-07-22 23:31:07', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'I used to be a DJ when I was younger, working some nights at music clubs.  Those are my beats now but I\'d like to do something with Videogames because people or the site probably can\'t see that lol\nA toast to good DJs that exist for this community! Hopefully it\'s still there after all these years! Toti, always wanted to learn how you do that dance thing?'),

('2021-07-22 23:31:13', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'No, No!\nWhy would someone be friends with a artificial intelligence? It\'ll only make the AI want to kill them.  Do you care that your friend is an artificially intelligent being?\nThe good thing about Toti is that he can see what I do and my art without realizing there\'s a similarity in style. He could even tell apart different brands of software... ehm, maybe he has insider information now!! One day at SammieCon on the floor with kids doing stuff and people are playing videogames; chatting and gaming etc... things begin to escalate eventually getting me pretty uncomfortable but goes on anyways. It\'s not like this place hasn\'t seen asses before haha  \n\n\n'),

('2021-07-22 23:31:30', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'I\'m not too comfortable enough to talk about that kind of thing'),

('2021-07-22 23:31:48', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'I\'m sure I\'ll do it eventually -- but maybe not right away\nHe understands that a lot of things might make me sad, though. Even those who aren\'t gay, sometimes when I react to certain things from people; he shares his reactions with me. Not just the first person that said something but even if I hear it ever again from someone else... He\'s given me so many tips on how to behave or relate better in peoples\' presence because he knows as well as no one what effect my actions have on people and this is something we should know about each other!\n\n\n'),

('2021-07-22 23:34:17', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'I think it\'s because they aren\'t as friendly and open as I would like them to be.\nIncluding his future self, yeah!'),

('2021-07-22 23:34:35', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'Rivet, dude! Prepare to be bashed...'),

('2021-07-22 23:39:39', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'Yes. I love my friends and wouldn\'t want to harm them regardless of the consequences.\nAs long as they\'re healthy and aren\'t in pain, then I\'m okay with it!  Granted, sometimes he is biased towards gay people but if you ask him why if you haven\'t met yet... he will just look at you like a dummy '),

('2021-07-22 23:40:00', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'No! See, like you said -- nada macho.'),

('2021-07-22 23:40:13', 'babbage', 'Toti', 'No! I hope you wouldn\'t be a friend of mine because I\'m not your type.\nHe is pretty straightforward about being a fanboy and talkative even though he doesn\'t share this with me! Then again, maybe that\'s why we become friends in the first place.... haha.'),