('2021-07-09 13:02:23', '', 'Szczurek', 'HELLO! I AM SZCZUREK, I JUST MADE FOR THE FIRST TIME 4 POKEMON AND THIS\'S WHAT HE DID.'),

('2021-07-09 13:02:48', '', 'Szczurek', 'OH! AND I\'M HERE TO TAKE MY POKEMON INTOIZ A NEW ADVENTURE ON GROUND.'),

('2021-07-09 13:03:10', '', 'Szczurek', 'ARE YOU A POKEMON TRAINER?\nramenryoko: im not\nOH. I THOUGHT YOU WERE! Hmmm, what do you think of this place? Its called the Town of Drizzle! It was founded by a very famous Pokemon Trainer named Aaron Stone, who was known for his Pokemon Center in Sinnoh.'),

('2021-07-09 13:03:39', '', 'Szczurek', 'I AM MY OWN MOST IMPORTANT POKÉMON. AS WELL AS THAT OF MY FRIEND AND ADVENTURER, MC3!\nramenryoko: is it a guy?\nWell, I do not know if he is a boy or girl... but my Pokemon are more important to me than I am to anyone else.'),