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('2021-07-09 14:16:14', '', 'Swiat', 'no i\'m fine my friend!'),

('2021-07-09 14:16:19', '', 'Swiat', 'I\'ll give you a ride to your ship!'),

('2021-07-09 14:16:24', '', 'Swiat', 'Have a good day!'),

('2021-07-09 14:16:28', '', 'Swiat', '()\nForever U.N.I.T.O / I killed my friend!\nramenrobot_doctrine: good, i believe you.. though i still have no idea what a swiat is? If he did this to you why would u be here man? And if ur so sure hes not ur friend then who the hell are u???\nrami, we know each other and we\'re friends!'),

('2021-07-09 14:24:07', '', 'Swiat', 'I\'m from all over the place man.'),

('2021-07-09 14:24:12', '', 'Swiat', 'What?'),

('2021-07-09 14:24:17', '', 'Swiat', 'Nice one!'),

('2021-07-09 14:24:20', '', 'Swiat', 'I use to be a gang member, but I decided to change my name because the gang members are stupid\nRamenryoko: dude thats hard man\nNo it\'s not. I\'m basically retired from fighting haha...\nramenrobot_doctrine: wow u must of been real good if your still alive then i believe with this show you could have any number of women swanking up at ur ship?\nYeah there\'s lots! And we always enjoy when someone pays attention and asks for something...whether it be in game or out lol'),

('2021-07-09 14:29:30', '', 'Swiat', 'U.N.I.T.O\nRamenryoko: what kind of ship is your?\nA Horizon Minimizer I think :)\nRAMENRYOKO dead set on ignoring/ignoring the obvious question, so he politely redirects him at his whim: \"What\'s a UTR?\" Swiat looks at ramienyoko (who has no idea what he just said) and mumbles \"those are some cool words you say man\" to which Ramenrobot_Doctrine snickers underneath his breath in mysterious amusement from afar:\"HEY WHAT\'S GOING ON HERE?!\". Rami continues to stare blankly out into space for a few moments longer before answering impatiently'),

('2021-07-09 14:31:54', '', 'Swiat', '(are you fucking blathering or are you trying to push some sort of agenda? Either way I\'m assuming that\'s what your doing)'),

('2021-07-09 14:34:11', '', 'Swiat', 'What?'),

('2021-07-09 14:34:15', '', 'Swiat', 'What did I just say?'),