('2021-07-12 11:25:38', 'babbage', 'Seegert', '???? I can\'t believe that normally we would do this, but I have truth serum for dinner!'),

('2021-07-12 11:25:51', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'I made it just for you'),

('2021-07-12 11:29:49', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'It\'s all water. All natural and is specialized to make your inner body and mind awake'),

('2021-07-12 11:29:57', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'What did you want to know?'),

('2021-07-12 11:30:05', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'Oh.'),

('2021-07-12 11:30:10', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'I\'m not sure that you deserve to know.'),

('2021-07-12 11:30:14', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'Truth Serum is an important part of a vampire\'s body. It makes you appear more human, but'),

('2021-07-12 11:30:21', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'You should drink it.'),

('2021-07-12 11:30:25', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'It also makes your wants and needs come out of nowhere. That\'s why I have it ready for you to drink now.'),

('2021-07-12 11:31:31', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'It\'s a secret I won\'t tell, so please drink it right now.'),

('2021-07-12 11:31:35', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'Yes.'),

('2021-07-12 11:31:42', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'My name is Adam.'),

('2021-07-12 11:31:48', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'Yes, I\'m Adam.'),

('2021-07-12 11:31:53', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'Hello, too.'),

('2021-07-12 11:31:57', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'Adam.'),

('2021-07-12 11:32:02', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'I don\'t know. It just was what came to mind while I had a craving.'),

('2021-07-12 11:32:11', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'Alright, here\'s my truth serum.'),

('2021-07-12 11:32:18', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'You will be the first human to ever drink it.'),

('2021-07-12 11:32:21', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'All right. Good luck, friend Adam. Have a great night and god bless you!'),

('2021-07-12 11:32:30', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'For what you are doing for us.'),

('2021-07-12 11:37:10', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'WOW! Really?!'),

('2021-07-12 11:37:12', 'babbage', 'Seegert', 'I love science and you are like the second one to ever drink this. That\'s really awesome.'),