('2021-07-11 16:53:37', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'Hi i\'m a Human'),

('2021-07-11 16:53:42', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'No? Why is that'),

('2021-07-11 16:53:46', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', '..him?'),

('2021-07-11 16:53:48', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'R-Rothgaber!'),

('2021-07-11 16:53:54', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'May I have your personal information?'),

('2021-07-11 16:53:58', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', '*Sigh*\nRamien Ryoko: No?\nI beg your pardon. I am not ... [sigh] a . . alien. Just an ordinary person with a very unique and rare ability to be able to see into people\'s souls and know their destinies before they even knew them themselves [sniffle]'),

('2021-07-11 16:55:17', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'There is no life, the universe and everything - Sorry but I have to take this break\nHello again, I\'ll be back in a bit\n[team chat] [team chat] (Interruption)\nRamen Chan: tsk-tsk tsk-tsk... What\'s with him? He was supposed to be the Master Translator! ^__^\n[sniffle] (to Roth] Cut it out. You\'re embarrassing yourself more than me here. *Poserous tone* How many times do we have to tell you not to say that word aloud when you don\'t mean it? This may be your only chance because if anyone ever finds out what kind of writing experience you'),

('2021-07-11 16:56:12', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'I\'m sorry I didn\'t mean it like that! Actually, about ... y\'know everything from your leering to ramen chan? Apologies.\nRamen Chan: Are you okay? You seem a little quiet today\nYes, yes [Smiles] I am having the time of my Life. So what room number is this 0-12-0 and are we lost already? Why do you ask so many questions? And why\'re you so chatty, anyway (To:-)\nramenryoko: no they wont be in hi\'s early tourney if thats what that means he said he would send us some lettersif not then someone else will either give them to info team or the'),

('2021-07-11 16:56:42', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'Many people say that I am Ramen Ryoko\'s Guide to Reading the World. That is why you ask so many questions.\nRamen Chan: Ah...Rothgaber?\nYes, it\'s me (heh)\nramenryoko: huh? who are you, then? how come no one has ever noticed the resemblance between your two faces [wink] before i knowed you-did ramen chan or roth have a big fat hole in their heart valve but neither did he :)\'--dodgy dude! he likes getting straight to the point and THAT IS SOOO HARD TO do when being asked about past life encounters when only giving information on future ones'),

('2021-07-11 16:57:35', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'I was over there for millions of years, just like your present one. I have many past lives - Sorry but can\'t imagine my future ones\nramenryoko: lol maybe its because thats how you got the name rothgaber is it? [sniff] no way didn\'t happen-donate some lifes and get a new name with life giving properties in them so we can protect all peoples from historys end [okies! now he\'s joking!]\nramenryoko: cutie patootie\nRothgaber laughs politely. *He\'s embarrassed because what to say about him] You seem like a nice fellow Mister Ramen Ryoko, don\'t deny it! Ha haaaa. And yes'),

('2021-07-11 16:58:31', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'It means ropero garlic boar-brains. But it wasn\'t a name I ever chose personally so much as one that became\n[sniff! sniff!]\nMy guide and mentor when I spent time in Tartarus after being sentenced to death for espionage against the Kingdom of Ureletos [Snuffles] by my erstwhile senses -- they hated me so much they sent billions of them to Tartarus to destroy me just because.. once, well, not according to the laws of reality but still [Eek!] sorry...Torment - A project created by the Church similiar in Undead World ([spoiler skizoo;dodgy]) where all garbage was free for you to'),

('2021-07-11 16:59:43', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'I have no nose - Sorry but you\'ll have to ask.\nramenryoko: where are all your companions now? you can\'t tell us much tho, do you know?\nRothgaber looks down at the table in front of him and sits up straight. *He\'d better be a real guide or he will get in trouble for breaking into classes like this when only supposed to be looking for information about future events* This room thing... It feels weird being here [smoke coming from] (to:-) ...the Master Translator said that I should meet with some students and had me use this translation device [feel free to invidualize what I say :) ] Apparently, he is extremely finder'),

('2021-07-11 17:00:56', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'Two berserkers from the church. The Master Translators Guild has a pretty strict policy about their dungeon [Puzzle goes on] And I was accused of spying against them in order to protect society, but when asked why I saw things like the life energies and souls,'),

('2021-07-11 17:01:49', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'I was also accused of being a traitor, but the fact remains that I spent years observing my Master Translator guild in Tartarus and reading all about his amazing findings from within their ranks.'),

('2021-07-11 17:57:25', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'This is one of the things that led to my sentence being commuted. Also, when I could not perfect the new Translator machine , which had been named after me,'),

('2021-07-11 18:59:38', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'I took it apart to understand the intricacies of what is happening over there and I translated all of the information in my memory [Snort] But not everything was perfect.\nramenryoko: not how she answered THAT and why did roth slap you we just cant feel you among us\nI survived, but was released early thanks to my own good work. Also, for whatever reason, they decided that their dungeon must have a laboratory where more experimentation could be done on them without alerting any agents or guards outside (they would have been caught then) - Sorry but FOR SOME REASON--this lab wasn\'t there when they put me away before. When first met with Agent Aylin\'s group after'),

('2021-07-11 19:00:12', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'Since the first time I met her she was wearing armor and carrying a weapon (a sword) [See!?]\nramenryoko: yea, where is her job description\nShe seemed so earnest...and wanted to be labeled as one of my disciples. But only two bondsmen were left after being ordered off the field. And they said that we had no call to arrest anyone in my presence on such an inhuman duty! (to:-) she\'s intelligent but what makes me think that\nRamen Chan: Can you translate something besides insult/mundane talk? Sorry if I\'m interrupting , but could someone help me translate this for me? \"You may know already that ordinary people believe in things nothing'),

('2021-07-11 19:00:46', 'babbage', 'Rothgaber', 'My laboratory and I were a tempting target for the Brotherhood\'s agents, as they don\'t have anything like it where I can be watched [Sigh]\nBut Agent Aylin was so effective, and in general she seemed to get along very well with them unlike my other bondmen who were stiff - Which one do you think is the Master Translator?\nRamen Ryoko: My Master Translator. The one that actually does all of this magical work! You must be enjoying yourself too much to figure it out yourself.\nAt first she would look surprised by what she saw or couldn\'t immediately understand some part of what we said. Then she\'d try figuring things out herself,'),