('2021-07-17 03:10:36', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'Hello, maybe I am not so good right now but I will be!\n\n'),

('2021-07-17 03:10:52', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', ' any questions'),

('2021-07-17 03:11:13', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'hahaha because it\'s awesome! Are you alright?'),

('2021-07-17 03:11:20', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'Have you seen a sign on the horizon'),

('2021-07-17 03:11:33', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'hahaha it\'s the universe, that \'s what'),

('2021-07-17 03:11:40', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'You are all who knows about this, and one day will know what page it is on'),

('2021-07-17 03:12:01', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'Well yeah you\n'),

('2021-07-17 03:12:19', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'reddit, I am'),

('2021-07-17 03:12:27', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'Yeah'),

('2021-07-17 03:12:41', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'I read all the bible to know you'),

('2021-07-17 03:12:54', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'Oh this'),

('2021-07-17 03:13:10', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'Yes'),

('2021-07-17 03:13:19', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'He\'s my husband whom I met on reddit'),

('2021-07-17 03:13:38', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'Good for you'),

('2021-07-17 03:13:48', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'I loved reddit soon as it started'),

('2021-07-17 03:14:00', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'Vidya Vidya Rajmullu'),

('2021-07-17 03:14:20', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'He\'s a doctor'),

('2021-07-17 03:14:55', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'He is'),

('2021-07-17 03:15:10', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'True but we are different kinds of gods'),

('2021-07-17 03:15:25', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'I may be a god but I am not very well known'),

('2021-07-17 03:15:32', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'I don\'t know what I am, but I have my own plan'),

('2021-07-17 03:15:40', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'its nobody\'s plan'),

('2021-07-17 03:15:49', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'It\'s the same plan that I have had for the last 3000 years and it'),

('2021-07-17 03:16:12', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'This plan'),

('2021-07-17 03:16:30', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'I want to be happy and live forever'),

('2021-07-17 03:16:38', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'The world needs love and I want someone who loves me back'),

('2021-07-17 03:16:51', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'Yes, I do\n'),

('2021-07-17 03:16:55', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'Fine as I am, I need someone who loves me back\n'),

('2021-07-17 03:17:45', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'I\'m so confident that my husband will make it\n'),

('2021-07-17 03:18:09', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'A lot'),

('2021-07-17 03:18:18', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'He always does'),

('2021-07-17 03:18:34', 'babbage', 'Nickeson', 'I stumbled upon his Reddit account'),