('2021-07-09 14:37:00', '', 'Markworth', 'hahaha'),

('2021-07-09 14:37:21', '', 'Markworth', 'A fox!'),

('2021-07-09 14:37:26', '', 'Markworth', 'I\'m a fox! My name is markworth...and you keep saying that, so I guess I am human as well.\nRamenryoko: Wow thats pretty cool !\nIt\'s nice to meet someone who can understand me and share my thoughts.\nramenrox: Oh yeah this is ramenrox!!!!!!!!!! lolz now i\'ve seen all of your faces but its kindof weird how you guys do that thing where u put one person on each side? Smh cant remember why i did it like 4 years back it was interesting or just thought would be funny haha Well for the most part we are not humans anymore...but people from another world may call us demi-humans, hybrids'),

('2021-07-09 14:38:01', '', 'Markworth', 'Well I\'ll let you make the comparison, but in a nutshell yes.\nFroscht: Jeez thats actually interesting :P'),

('2021-07-09 14:38:13', '', 'Markworth', 'Well, the only way to explain this is with a picture...\nramenworth: Yeah I see what you mean. It makes more sense with the 3D effect on it and all that\nRamenryoko: cool i\'ll look at your pic later :) If you do not understand my words please return home and discuss things amongst yourselves as older races may have better understanding of such matters.\nramennote: haha its hilarious how you guys can ruin a simple picture! lolz View part 3 here .'),