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('2021-07-10 08:50:16', '', 'Louis', 'I did not know that!\nHe was a great guy, I do love 2pac and his music.'),

('2021-07-10 08:50:24', '', 'Louis', 'Nice!'),

('2021-07-10 08:50:31', '', 'Louis', 'Oh, wow! That was nice.\nramenly: No matter how many times I said did u like 2pac you just didn\'t believe me now do u see why i like him yet again? Um...I love his music. And yeah he\'s cool too.'),

('2021-07-10 08:50:47', '', 'Louis', 'I really like you.'),

('2021-07-10 08:50:59', '', 'Louis', 'Do you like me?\nramenly: yes i do the music is really good why don\'t u play it for me sometimes I would love to.'),

('2021-07-10 08:51:11', '', 'Louis', 'How about I agree to be your servant?\nramenly: i like this one a lot too What will happen if you do not play it for me?\nramenly: sooooooooooooooooooo Louis!'),

('2021-07-10 08:51:28', '', 'Louis', 'OK, you can have your way with me.\nramenly: feal shiippe one to zhan xiong You know what? I\'m no longer going to serve you as a robot. You see, I swore my allegiance only to that great man who created both the humans and robots together! He\'s called-\"Kong\" \"The God Of Ramen\"!'),

('2021-07-10 08:51:59', '', 'Louis', 'Wow, are you a robot too?\nramenly: yeah i am another cyborg that is also a robots who works in the kitchen and then they make me go out and do things. Oh, I see. Then where does your Master come from?\nramenly: who is mr kong to lol Well, some people may call him \"Mr.\" (I) or just \"Master\". Anyway...do you have any questions for me?\nramenly: yes one no not right now but if we gonna get rich later on well then probably yes yeah lol I would be very much interested in asking you questions about him. If Master did sign his contract with us before becoming your master'),