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('2021-07-10 16:04:50', 'gpt_neo', 'Hillbrant', 'what are you doing? is gpt neo smart?\n\nJust wanted to see if I missed anything before the interview, but I missed not one thing.\n\n\n\n\n\n\"And, of course, I had no idea who I was talking to before I even started speaking, because when I asked those questions, I was being led through by this one particular man, and not even the most experienced person in the world could have helped me understand. I know that from the outset. I know'),

('2021-07-10 16:05:24', 'gpt_neo', 'Hillbrant', ':(NSString *)string;\n\n@end\n<|endoftext|>'),

('2021-07-10 16:31:53', 'gpt_neo', 'Hillbrant', 'Hillbrant was a very nice man and has a very nice face. He has a few bad habits, but he is not physically as bad as the others.\"\n\nIn a statement to the Guardian, Mr Blair said: \"The police investigation into the death has been comprehensive and they have not found evidence at all to suggest that any of the police officers who responded to the scene at the time of the collision were at fault.\n\n\"I am satisfied that the officers involved acted appropriately on'),

('2021-07-10 16:34:47', 'gpt_neo', 'Hillbrant', 'in his spare time, Hillbrant liked to cook. He would cook a pot of soup or his favorite recipe while listening to the news on the radio and watching old movies on television, eating whatever he could find in town. Then, on a Friday night, Hillbrant often came home late because he often spent the night at home on payday, and he usually came home to his apartment in the morning, a big old white house in a quiet neighborhood with many trees lining the streets. Hill'),

('2021-07-10 17:14:31', 'gpt_neo', 'Hillbrant', 'ramenryoko is the coolest thing ever.\n\nI used to have to have my coffee and lunch with a friend who wasn’t vegan, she was vegetarian and she gave me her macaroni and cheese to share with her vegan friends.\n\nI remember the first time I ate macaroni and cheese, I was 16 and she gave it to me, she was sitting next to me at the counter.\n\nI loved it, the way she did it, so'),