('2021-07-22 16:52:24', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'how are you gabriel?'),

('2021-07-22 16:52:31', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'Ah.\nmuttered the badramen but a look of longing passed through his eyes as he thought about his friend Liam and the warmth that he sent to him.\nthe badramen examined Gabriel from head to toe feeling quite amazed that this sleekly handsome young man had recently fallen in love with a beautiful girl with an even slimmer body than himself at any rate who was asking for his name Gabriel was looking quite ill at ease and unsure of what she meant by all the \'how is everything\' she wanted to say it out loud but just kept quiet instead simply, smiling '),

('2021-07-22 16:52:47', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'I am doing just fine looking for an excuse to see you again'),

('2021-07-22 16:52:56', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'No we have work to do today its not a waste of time be back later, that is what your always doing'),

('2021-07-22 16:53:04', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'sure'),

('2021-07-22 16:53:12', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'I am Gabriel, my friends call me Badroot\n'),

('2021-07-22 16:53:19', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'It\'s all in the name I promise'),

('2021-07-22 16:53:29', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'That\'s not always a bad thing y\'know\n'),

('2021-07-22 16:53:35', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'you can say my name anything you want but I don\'t get to be bad sometimes\nI think there was an implicit message, it was one that allowed the audience to know Gabriel\'s level of truth in his claims, \"true\" always being a loaded word. He seemed much more comfortable talking about himself than he did things like wanting to explore his sexuality. However, instead of keeping him from an incorrect perception (i.e., not receiving what he wanted), the show challenged this awkward boundary between scenes where the character could have posed as \"badder\" and those created specifically for a nuanced interpretation on live television or when imagining how characters might respond under certain situations.\n\nthe reviews were lukewarm at best; audiences who had heard these'),

('2021-07-22 16:53:57', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'I really hope so'),

('2021-07-22 16:54:02', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'I am not weird ill try to be normal just because you got mad if you think I am\nThe show that is \"Sexy Beast\" is again a shifting, episodic show with four episodes per season. In episode 3 we begin seeing Gabriel and Kate\'s attempt to have a legitimate romance after the events which lead up to it on the previous three seasons but before the new characters were introduced in this one were already feeling an immediate drain of energy as was evidenced by how they reacted when asked about Kate\'s position.'),

('2021-07-22 16:54:15', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'So you want to sleep with me ok'),

('2021-07-22 16:54:21', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'What was that?\n- Gabriel and Kate are experiencing an ex-gay kind of romance (like one seen in the exhibit The Idols Do Come Out at Atlanta) after being watching a movie about people like them having sex with their exes and feeling that their attraction to one another may be more effortless than it should but is leading them down a romantic path. However, they were able to make the decision together that would lead them all the way home towards life as normal again often keeping each other from falling into old patterns or '),

('2021-07-22 16:54:39', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'why didn\'t you say it before'),

('2021-07-22 16:54:45', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'Just kiss\nunfortunately for Kate and Gabriel, the two of them were both feeling too insecure about their newfound \"normalcy\" to make any moves on this forbidden subject. It\'s led them down a path which leads only towards more breakdowns in conversation because all the electricity that had been present between the two of them vanished into thin air when faced with one another\'s hesitation or lack thereof.'),

('2021-07-22 16:54:50', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'What'),

('2021-07-22 16:54:52', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'I found you suddenly and completely gay'),

('2021-07-22 16:55:02', 'babbage', 'Gabriel', 'Bye\nThe cast of two female characters, the odd man out of \"Sexy Beast\" was briefly shown as a woman on the stage. While this wasn\'t entirely her character and didn\'t have a name per se, but to make it seem that she did in fact exist otherwise we would be treated with some truly bad acting that just kept dropping most lines being monotone'),