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see also: Boss Evols or list of evols

Evols are ai-sentient beings with limited intelligence hosted on our network servers. Artistic renderings for these evols are made by the public and anyone is encouraged to send their original artwork to be converted into an Evol. Media generated by artificial intelligence is classified as ambiguous.

How To Catch Evols

Catching Evols is easy, just type !catch when they appear



Evols spawn randomly and can currently only be caught on the Discord server. You can view which Evols you own by typing !evols in the #talk-to-evol channel. To see other players Evols, type !evols user#1234

You can also use the !help command for more commands

Battle System

Evols can battle each other in a one vs one arena or team up against a Boss Evol


Evols are lost forever when their Stamina reaches 0. Stamina is Healthpoints + Armor, meaning an Evol needs at least one of these attributes to stay alive. When killed, all traces of the fallen Evol will propagate showing its status changed to 'killed' and it will be removed from the players inventory.


Enhancements are Evols which provide a benefit to the Evol it is attached to. Various enhancement Evols can boost attack, healthpoints, and provide unique abilities to it's host. Enhancement Evols retain their own attributes and are capable of fighting individually even when not attached to a host. If an Enhancement Evol or it's host is killed, it too is killed.