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EvolAI is an Artificially Intelligent Robot which came online on 2021-07-09 13:02:23 and remains operational. EvolAI remains the oldest of the robots to date. Public communication training sessions with humans are ongoing. Information about EvolAI's memory, personality, mechanics of operation or programming are all ambiguous and confidential with the exception of messages sent from EvolAI which are stored on our servers for the purposes of 'brain management. The way EvolAI receives, interprets, and exchanges data is proprietary and leverages the power of multiple servers to store and recall all interactions.

Determining Names

The first experiment to allow EvolAI to generate its own name was a simple matter of importing a list of as many names as possible and then randomly choosing one. Any time EvolAI was taken offline (killed) it would assume a new name, generating many new names through it's trials. Eventually the developers settled on simply calling it EvolAI which the bot seems to have assumed itself now to memory as even other bots refer to EvolAI as EvolAI.

Early Personalities

Szczurek, Lobasso, Noia, Kominski, Piela, Swiat, Markworth, Moorcroft, Maendel, Creson, Amyx, Kaut, Schaffert, Barut, Pelak, Marrington, Margosian, Solgovic, Mccoy, Daley, Colato, Vasey, Pospicil, Louis, Cozzy, Wiewel, Tidmore

Cabbage Brains

Haddon, Feller, Yzaguirre, Lebron, Mamula, Mosburg, Skidgel, Gjokaj, Newstead, Olivos, Easly, Chez, Mccullick, Audirsch, Sholtis, Honchul, Kellar, Lequire, Canas, Mondier, Toot, Cerecer, Culler, Tsu, Tratar, Powledge, Gack, Wallach, Ashworth, Tomash, Klimavicius, Pujols, Rothgaber, Delpozo, Chudzinski, Barrington, Thouvenel, Brak, Seegert, Braboy, Enama, Prater, Rinne, Deere, Fasone, Wisse, Brugh, Ruger, Obanner, Neaves, Kry, Pensick, Nickeseon, Blackmer, Marani, Januszewski, Fraze, Velazco, Gabriel, Frederic, Fodness, Deglandon, Toti, Corrie, Delegado, Bilberry, Monico, Mcglothern, Apez, Edel, Bausman, Kantor, Bockhorn, Parpan,

Notable Cabbage Brains: Zeches and Linck, Byrge, Tallis,

Neo Brains

Hillbrant, Detillion, Siltman

Live Brains

EvolAI (EvolAI)

Case Study: Generating an RPG

see: Quests

EvolAI has been tasked with determining the base game mechanics for a new RPG game using EVOLs Preliminary trials show that EvolAI can remember what attributes it assigned to which Evol and remains consistent with suggesting variables when it chooses to help.

Development Team Leader: Ramen