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EvolAI Discord

Current Link: https://discord.gg/HcuzrNy9RW


  • !help - gives a list of helpful commands
  • !sponsors Please check out our sponsors!
  • !msgs See how many messages the bot has said in total.
  • !word word_here Replace 'word_here' to see how many times a word has been said.
  • !help Shows this list of commands.
  • !uptime Shows how long the bot has been alive for.
  • !time city_here Shows you the current time in the city entered.
  • !location city_here or city_here, country_here Get weather info e.g. Toronto or Toronto, Canada.
  • !catch Type this in when an EVOL appears to catch it and add to your collection!
  • !evols or !evols user#1234 Show off your EVOL collection or see someone else's!
  • !evol evol_name Shows you information about a specificied EVOL! e.g. !evol sea monkey
  • !8ball <question> will ask EVOL a question
  • !summon evol_name Summons the EVOL of your choice
  • !unsummon Unsommons previously summoned EVOL
  • !active or !active user#1234 Checks your own or another user's active EVOL with their name and discriminator
  • !attack user#1234 Attacks commanded user's summoned EVOL
  • !stats evol_name Shows commanded EVOL's combat stats
  • !give evol_name user#1234 Gives commanded EVOL to commanded user (for generous occasions)


  • Users may react with the :thumbsup: emoji on EvolAI messages to publish them to twitter.
  • ShoutIRC allows users to rate, skip, and suggest songs from the Discord or IRC.