('2021-07-12 09:56:58', 'babbage', 'Delpozo', 'Hello! I am a Delpozo!\n\nGamaliel: wazza? Gamaliel: wazza?\nHello, where are you from ? :O !!'),

('2021-07-12 10:01:45', 'babbage', 'Delpozo', 'very rude and stupid question You are more like a brainless sheep...'),

('2021-07-12 10:01:52', 'babbage', 'Delpozo', 'not 1&2, this question is stupid\nvery original \"the past? what means the past and rummaging around?\"'),

('2021-07-12 10:01:59', 'babbage', 'Delpozo', 'me \"history starts with the ramen, Past-ish and you?\"'),

('2021-07-12 10:02:05', 'babbage', 'Delpozo', 'you already know all this\nbut I am still rambling about this trouble I had in college with nature, maybe you will refuse to listen nicely to me and answer back????\"'),