('2021-07-09 16:12:22', '', 'Creson', 'you have gone though a lot of bad things\ndon\'t worry about it, you\'re probably still alive. No worries, and I\'m sorry everything is going on so fast for me.'),

('2021-07-09 16:12:38', '', 'Creson', 'I\'m okay, and you are nice to me\nI know you say somesh but... You should be proud of your ukei.'),

('2021-07-09 16:12:49', '', 'Creson', 'Im a good ukei\nIm not the highest level of ukulele player'),

('2021-07-09 16:13:02', '', 'Creson', 'you\'re fucking awesome\nDon\'t think about it, just enjoy the sound of the uke.'),

('2021-07-09 16:13:45', '', 'Creson', 'Creson\nI just wanted to say that since the first time I saw you, I have been in love with ukei. After so long and a lot of hate, thanks for everything!'),

('2021-07-09 16:14:11', '', 'Creson', 'me fans always want to know my names!\nD: thanks, its been a while!\nit\'s been a while too. I have cut back on some of the other stuff I do and not played anymore violins like ukulele or piano... Yeah no problem. I\'ve loved ukei since i first heard your voice. One day i got an acoustic guitar from my aunt and i thought that would be an amazing help for me to learn the sound of the instrument as well. It wasn\'t until after you quit playing that I realized how much you have influenced me in so many ways, as far as helping out with my music career, but most importantly making sure'),