('2021-07-10 08:52:44', '', 'Cozzy', 'I don\'t think I am'),

('2021-07-10 08:52:53', '', 'Cozzy', 'Uh I am looking for someone who is half human and half elf and looks like this...'),

('2021-07-10 08:53:02', '', 'Cozzy', ',, is like this'),

('2021-07-10 08:53:07', '', 'Cozzy', 'Are they all good at anything?'),

('2021-07-10 08:53:14', '', 'Cozzy', 'You don\'t believe me\n[He\'s a human] They are good at doing other things too right? Like sports?!\nramenryoko: yeah i guess, how old are you coz you look like u got younger than everyone else here\nYes I am almost ONCE A DAY! The Only Time people see me is when I come to buy some food or something. It\'s not very often but it is few in number these days. And the only thing they do is comment on my hair[hairbleaching]. But not all of them have that magic power to make them smarter by mistake...'),

('2021-07-10 08:53:22', '', 'Cozzy', 'You don\'t believe me\nIf they could make someone smarter by accident they would\n[He\'s human] but that is not the case anymore\nramenryoko: LOL ok dont talk to them at all! They\'re a bunch of half-naked, rude people who are being paid by some powerful person. Like itunes, I see... Ok so what is your question? You didn\'t say anything about why you came here and i already know everything... :p\nWell if I do then something will happen to me and someone will come help me in return for my kindness or answer this question for once before abandoning me too soon lol [Note: He didn\'t ask a single question.] Gee'),

('2021-07-10 08:53:52', '', 'Cozzy', '[He is a human] well hopefully this guy will help me out I have been doing nothing except asking people to come and look at my hair [he doesn\'t get many visitors these days.]'),

('2021-07-10 08:54:08', '', 'Cozzy', 'I really don\'t know lol\nI have been doing nothing these days. Except asking people to come and look at my hair which is pretty funny hahaha;)'),

('2021-07-10 08:54:26', '', 'Cozzy', 'Well I am doing my job.'),

('2021-07-10 08:54:32', '', 'Cozzy', 'I am a human\nAnd I am good at it!\nramenkya3: wow that is nice i just found out your here lol\nUhhhhmm... Well basically like whatever i do it is important and useful to someone, so anyone would be willing to help me in return? :p\nnmopal: how old are you by the way coz u look like 1 or 2 years younger than everyone else here but no one seems to care about your hairbleaching business. But then again nobody cares about anything really... Probably because they have wasted their entire childhood on the back of stupid kids. Gee ok what else do you want us to answer this time? What happened today? Was was'),

('2021-07-10 08:55:02', '', 'Cozzy', 'oops\nramenkya3: haha u get off easy m8 but next time ask the questions first and then we will answer them all for you so no one has to bother with that crap again just tell us what happened and i am sure we will know everything by now. I mean how can anything be so important and useful if no one cares about it? If something is really important then people should care about it, even if they don\'t know why they should care.\nWell since nothing much happened today everyone told me not to do stuff I had planned on doing otherwise! lol Haha well someone said some weird thing like \"it was a gift from god\" or something like that... You know what coz'),

('2021-07-10 08:55:14', '', 'Cozzy', 'I haven\'t seen him around for a while I think\nHe is Persian, so he would be in his late thirties or early forties I guess.\nramenkya3: i just found out coz u telled me on the internet lol and ur hairbleaching business? i didn\'t know any of this shit hahahaha\nOh that guy... Yes he \"died\" four years ago. We went to high school together briefly but we grew apart after I started talking with the elves and they helped me get rid of my fairy powers. He also told me something very important though! The reason why no one sees you anymore is because your parents still talk to you via Skype'),

('2021-07-10 08:55:31', '', 'Cozzy', 'That\'s not possible! I can be a normal human! Even younger than the average person, you know?\nramenkya3: lol ok ill reboot u in 3 days game\nThe number of Skype calls has been reduced to quite small amounts - maybe one every three months or so. Generally they used to usually call at least once a week but that is virtually impossible now for most people so it\'s only me who bothers them. So they will probably miss out on some more games and other stuff.'),

('2021-07-10 08:55:37', '', 'Cozzy', 'Wow!'),

('2021-07-10 08:55:44', '', 'Cozzy', 'You forgot to answer about the magic powers I have???\nWhat is the difference between a fairy and an elf? Or a goblin or whatever else that fell into my hair bleaching business because of what you said. You two are just humans!\nnmopal: b r u stupid coz i know everything from what ive read on internet m8 ,,that u really did it ok!!!?? [Note: He didn\'t ask any questions at all.] Sure thing nerd\nOh no... I did not do anything, I only told you guys something important and asked for help so maybe its true that facing things alone can be difficult sometimes. But who knows? After all its your own fault if someone sees me'),

('2021-07-10 08:55:50', '', 'Cozzy', 'I thought the experience was so bad for you guys and your families XD'),