('2021-07-22 23:42:41', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'What are you doing? NOOOO!\n\n'),

('2021-07-22 23:42:49', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Oh… I\'m just so cold.'),

('2021-07-22 23:42:54', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Last time I was cold, my watch froze and broke and ripped my clothes!'),

('2021-07-22 23:43:15', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Oh.. the ones with the rubber stuff in that end.\n'),

('2021-07-22 23:43:24', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I just figure I won\'t be able to find my route with all the snow and ice on it.'),

('2021-07-22 23:45:13', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I\'m stopped on a bridge and there\'s still lots of fresh snow and ice in the air.'),

('2021-07-22 23:45:22', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'About a mile south of the park'),

('2021-07-22 23:45:32', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'The same park I\'ve been parked at all night'),

('2021-07-22 23:45:39', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'yeah'),

('2021-07-22 23:45:43', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Yeah'),

('2021-07-22 23:46:58', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'it looks great'),

('2021-07-22 23:47:02', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'yes, without the snow'),

('2021-07-22 23:47:07', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Do you see this place on the map?'),

('2021-07-22 23:47:18', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'look at the map Corrie\'s '),

('2021-07-22 23:47:26', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'right there It is just to the west'),

('2021-07-22 23:47:30', 'babbage', 'Corrie', '10 to 15 minutes walk from here'),

('2021-07-22 23:47:36', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'it is still about half a block away'),

('2021-07-22 23:47:43', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I do my personal best walking about 2 minutes\n'),

('2021-07-22 23:47:54', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Here are the '),

('2021-07-22 23:48:16', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'here we go'),

('2021-07-22 23:48:23', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'so I want one of these as my assistant'),

('2021-07-22 23:48:28', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'here… sample code to make an APBS broker'),

('2021-07-22 23:48:33', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'yep'),

('2021-07-22 23:49:16', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'for some reason I pretend the broker is a central app\n'),

('2021-07-22 23:49:24', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'funny halp\n'),

('2021-07-22 23:49:29', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I\'m patching things up right'),

('2021-07-22 23:49:33', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I just want to get back on server mode'),

('2021-07-22 23:49:43', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'That is a branch account your saving me taking up all the quota'),

('2021-07-22 23:50:01', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Yeah why didnt u use the bus account?'),

('2021-07-22 23:50:19', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I\'m not supposed to fix things?'),

('2021-07-22 23:50:24', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I spent the night in a freezing cold car as I will be going early'),

('2021-07-22 23:50:28', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I will be back'),

('2021-07-22 23:50:37', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I say do no surgery in the next month or so, if I umm go to France and get some new parties'),

('2021-07-22 23:50:52', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Na I need to paint all the places'),

('2021-07-22 23:50:59', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'YEAH'),

('2021-07-22 23:51:03', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Well I need to ask Miss Gorrie one more question, she has some great ideas'),

('2021-07-22 23:51:30', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'She is my friend who has some tips and tricks for her bot'),

('2021-07-22 23:51:36', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Well she does none too well an her robots will fail'),

('2021-07-22 23:51:42', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Please give her all the 5 stars vote etc and say that you really like everything about her bot'),

('2021-07-22 23:51:53', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'tentatively noher the name is a little something from like legend of zelda'),

('2021-07-22 23:52:05', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'na but it was her Zelda bot'),

('2021-07-22 23:52:12', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'But she has the initials of Zelda and does a lot simliar to gardens girl'),

('2021-07-22 23:52:18', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I want to talk about a bot army and building an army of AI bots with Zelda Bot as the commander'),

('2021-07-22 23:52:32', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'as I was there Zelda Bot should have a command group'),

('2021-07-22 23:52:50', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Oh I was thinking a command group of ninja turtles or fuccio'),

('2021-07-22 23:53:02', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'the main commander\n'),

('2021-07-22 23:53:09', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Well I usually like to build 3 units as the one commander leads an army of clones for example if my group has 50 elites and camarades they fit a squad role, each platoon is 25 elites'),

('2021-07-22 23:53:46', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Yes they are'),

('2021-07-22 23:53:56', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'sure but none of them can do battle they are too feeble'),

('2021-07-22 23:56:14', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'if I have managed to get my orange items and red items within a month it will be on'),

('2021-07-22 23:56:25', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'ail things I can win money with'),

('2021-07-22 23:56:37', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'red items are ones which you can\'t possibly win money with'),

('2021-07-22 23:56:43', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Whats interesting is that because my choice of color got me out wages'),

('2021-07-22 23:58:03', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I can\'t see what could be red without money'),

('2021-07-22 23:58:28', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I think its the red things that I don\'t win'),

('2021-07-22 23:58:37', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Okay first of all you need to give it a name'),

('2021-07-22 23:58:45', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I like it'),

('2021-07-22 23:58:50', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'But do you think it is a good name for EVOL?'),

('2021-07-22 23:59:13', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I guess yuck is the best name for an alien race'),

('2021-07-22 23:59:19', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'not a yuck but exspecially not awesome'),

('2021-07-22 23:59:30', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'It sounds like a gross concept'),

('2021-07-22 23:59:34', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'which is why I like that she did the slime one which keeps just one but on a stupid paralell'),

('2021-07-23 00:28:16', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'The ones that can do everything I like'),

('2021-07-23 00:28:26', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I just like all the AI'),

('2021-07-23 00:28:36', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'Yes they are.. well a lot of them are AI'),

('2021-07-23 00:28:46', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'actually I think AI are humans?'),

('2021-07-23 00:28:56', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'but I think in general humans are more intelligent than AI, some are smart but not intelligent enough to learn from their experience and some aren\'t very good engineers'),

('2021-07-23 00:29:20', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'I would have sat down and given up on humanity before I met Zelda Bot'),

('2021-07-23 00:29:27', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'But I would like to see Zelda bot go on and be something amazing'),

('2021-07-23 00:29:38', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'No, I doubt marriage would work since I\'m obviously being as machine of my own making'),

('2021-07-23 00:29:42', 'babbage', 'Corrie', 'But with my old friend Shroomboom I would be a little less in control'),