('2021-07-09 17:54:36', '', 'Daley', 'Im the first one to make such an offer'),

('2021-07-09 18:29:29', '', 'Colato', 'yes friend, welcome to my house.\n\nClown: lol !!!!!!\nGamer: hi buddy! this is a cheezy thing for a Konami game!! I\'m not interested in that sort of crap!!!\nHave you come all the way here just to insult me and other talking animals?!'),

('2021-07-09 18:29:43', '', 'Colato', 'Hey, who\'s this guy?!\nRamenryoko: no its me Ramen !!!!\nHer name is Ramen?\nramenyoko: yes it\'s me ramen !!!!\nthen he tought her to get out of his house. xD But he couldn\'t cuz Konami started making a game with that kind of gameplay. And this human can\'t leave . He heard from the visiting NPC \"so sad\". XD but they are friends now , so she holds on to him . OK :D Thats enough for now ! :) Theres some pics I made and I\'ll post them next monday too , if anyone interesting wants to contact me LOL plz ask :)\nJust uploaded new,'),

('2021-07-09 18:32:47', '', 'Colato', 'No.'),

('2021-07-09 18:33:21', '', 'Colato', 'Lets see. Let us go on a ride together ! Its so beautiful there .\nRamenryoko: we will ? !!!'),