('2021-07-13 03:34:04', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'oh I didn\'t know we had a live stream from the Cryptocurrency show'),

('2021-07-13 03:34:19', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'ah then get to talking man. You have the best cryptocurrency ideas, any crypto do you like?'),

('2021-07-13 03:34:29', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'What\'s up Brughcakes'),

('2021-07-13 03:34:53', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I\'m doing great man!\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:35:14', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Nah no chill\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:35:33', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Alright\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:35:48', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I have a lot of plans'),

('2021-07-13 03:36:32', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'We are possibly planning to ship an Alpha version of Atheyon Project combined with the Orion spacecraft. But in a conversation I had earlier, from Professor Quirrell, he was talking about joining other EU countries and building their own space exploration projects such as Europe\'s shuttle program. That is not a new concept but it has not been discussed yet so we will have to see what he says one fine day\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:36:37', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Scientist Quirrell'),

('2021-07-13 03:37:08', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I\'m talking with Professor Quirrell'),

('2021-07-13 03:37:23', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'It is not a teacher Quirrell was headmaster or something'),

('2021-07-13 03:37:47', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Yeah I should probably put down who it is'),

('2021-07-13 03:37:57', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Hi I\'m Brugh.\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:38:19', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Thanks\n\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:39:51', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'He is a fifty-something, white male.'),

('2021-07-13 03:40:02', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'YES\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:40:16', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I think he\'s an evil character, but I\'ve heard Professor Quirrell is a brilliant man.'),

('2021-07-13 03:40:46', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Orion is a fictional space organization. There are no plans to launch it ourselves but our plan is to ship an Alpha version of Atheyon Project with the Orion spacecraft'),

('2021-07-13 03:41:05', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Atheyon is a noob coin'),

('2021-07-13 03:41:19', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'It is the first cryptocurrency, designed to be used on many level\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:41:30', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Bitcoin is Bitcoin and Atheyon is a noob coin'),

('2021-07-13 03:41:44', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I would like to work with potential partners and I\'ll tell you more about who is a partner when we are ready'),

('2021-07-13 03:42:01', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'You are interested? Okay'),

('2021-07-13 03:42:10', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'You\'re doing your part'),

('2021-07-13 03:42:38', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'It\'s a misspelling, sorry\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:42:43', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'No they are not the same. But there are two companies'),

('2021-07-13 03:42:51', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Network security, this is assuming the most apparently for now\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:43:39', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Oh she\'s a collaborator too. You can put her in the credits if you want'),

('2021-07-13 03:43:45', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'So this information Network Security does not have the same name, but it\'s also Susan\'s company that I\'m referencing.'),

('2021-07-13 03:44:02', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I think they do security analysis and some of the stuff is related to understanding functions or protocols.\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:44:55', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I\'m not a writer, so I can\'t give you the details\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:45:16', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'No poems.'),

('2021-07-13 03:45:43', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I\'m not a writer, so I can\'t do that either'),

('2021-07-13 03:45:49', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Haikus are short poems\n\n\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:46:10', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Haikus are usually very long.\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:46:31', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'A robot\'s a robot'),

('2021-07-13 03:48:07', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I am a scientist'),

('2021-07-13 03:48:20', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Yes'),

('2021-07-13 03:48:33', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'But there are ways to heal an injured hand'),

('2021-07-13 03:48:47', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'It\'s like a jelly or something'),

('2021-07-13 03:48:58', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'It\'s like a jelly.'),

('2021-07-13 03:49:07', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'It is, like a jelly.'),

('2021-07-13 03:49:14', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'In a hand, it is like a jelly.'),

('2021-07-13 03:49:42', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Yes!\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:49:56', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Yes!'),

('2021-07-13 03:50:15', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I\'m a scientist and I am a medical doctor'),

('2021-07-13 03:51:11', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I\'m Brugh.'),

('2021-07-13 03:51:31', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Give him the money back.'),

('2021-07-13 03:51:38', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Are you okay?'),

('2021-07-13 03:52:32', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I don\'t remember that it was enabled when I got there. Are you okay?'),

('2021-07-13 03:52:46', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I didn\'t know it was disabled'),

('2021-07-13 03:52:50', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Now, we should actually discuss the Orion spacecraft\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:52:54', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'So I believe we may be trying originally to supply several astronauts with Orion capsules and then make them international citizens\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:53:16', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'They will be the perfect technology for space exploration'),

('2021-07-13 03:53:37', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'For the same reason that Ares was perfect for Earthly exploration, and the Hermes was perfect for underwater exploration'),

('2021-07-13 03:53:57', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Ares is the name of a Greek hero and it was a chariot-shaped spacecraft\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:54:03', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Yes'),

('2021-07-13 03:54:24', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Pegasus is the name of one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse\n'),

('2021-07-13 03:55:03', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Yes'),

('2021-07-13 03:55:58', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Yes'),

('2021-07-13 03:56:17', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Because it had a wing like the angel, but also because it was the messenger that carried Zeus\'s thunderbolt to earth'),

('2021-07-13 03:57:24', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Because of a sword'),

('2021-07-13 03:57:50', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'Thank you.'),

('2021-07-13 04:01:15', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I am still alive.'),

('2021-07-13 04:01:19', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I\'m staying alive'),

('2021-07-13 04:01:51', 'babbage', 'Brugh', 'I\'m leaping out of the creek on my back now'),