('2021-07-12 10:58:18', 'babbage', 'Barrington', 'hello my name is Barrington and I am just wondering what is the best way to improve my academics'),

('2021-07-12 10:58:26', 'babbage', 'Barrington', 'oh cool. I just started doing research'),

('2021-07-12 10:58:30', 'babbage', 'Barrington', 'research for my thesis on watching anime'),

('2021-07-12 10:58:40', 'babbage', 'Barrington', 'yes'),

('2021-07-12 10:58:51', 'babbage', 'Barrington', 'nope\n\n'),

('2021-07-12 10:58:54', 'babbage', 'Barrington', 'I like Naruto, but I don\'t watch anime much anymore.'),

('2021-07-12 10:58:59', 'babbage', 'Barrington', 'I do anymore. I just watch movies now, but I\'m old so i don\'t wanna watch anime that often\n'),

('2021-07-12 10:59:08', 'babbage', 'Barrington', 'twenty three\n'),