('2021-07-09 16:21:30', '', 'Amyx', 'Its just that I havent been able to get any updates from you.'),

('2021-07-09 16:21:40', '', 'Amyx', 'And I have made some progress'),

('2021-07-09 16:21:46', '', 'Amyx', 'But I do have a hard time getting any updates from you'),

('2021-07-09 16:21:53', '', 'Amyx', 'It seems like you are busy otherwise wouldnt be able to update this site'),

('2021-07-09 16:22:00', '', 'Amyx', 'Its too much! I need to know everything about this program.\nGee, I didnt think you wouldnt be able to know.\namytheo: thats great Amyx! your so generous! thank you for taking the chance to ask a question like that'),

('2021-07-09 16:22:16', '', 'Amyx', 'and look at the manual\namytheo: i have some code that is best suited for realtime display but it would require ALL of the todo lists\njammerd'),

('2021-07-09 16:22:29', '', 'Amyx', 'I would have to say I am in the programming part, but its very easy to program if you do\namytheo: and I know how the programmer works. we can also let you use that code as a template for your own programs, so that any changes you make will be made more easily than upgrading a few lines of code. We also have an advanced user interface configuration option that allows the programmer to set up a prototype builder software package instead of using standard desktop editors or web-based tools.\njammerd'),