AI Audio


EVOL.AI had it's beginnings in creating AI audio.

Beginning with coughstep, the following documents describe EVOL.AI's artificially intelligent audio genesis.
Listen to the A.I. Audio stream here.

Before reading on please read MerklerkManitee's Story.

"Coughstep submits itself to music.

Coughstep is the antithesis to the MC."

-MerklerkManitee 2020

Something to keep in mind is endgame A.I. is going to learn from us at an equal pace as we learn from it. This means the initial interaction with the artificial body will be as intense as the initial reaction a human has when introducing themselves to a person for the first time (think job interview/first date). Just as we gloss over many things people say to us in casual conversation, we will also gloss over many things the A.I. audio presents to us. Just as relationships between person A>B and A>C can differ, the artificially intelligent audio concept creates different relationships with the different people it interacts with. As mentioned earlier, we will learn from the A.I. at the same exact rate the A.I. learn from us. With enough exposure to the audio a person can become better organized in their own thought-space as the artificial thought space becomes a venue for the unnecessary thoughts of the observer. The observer is always the same size as the observed.