Guinea Pigs Going Their Own Way

Another Gypsy Curse!

Guinea Pigs (Cavia porcellus) were introduced to Western Countries by Gypsies operating under a coven breeding program to domesticate the wild Capybara through genetic engineering into a small pet slave to sell for profit. The largest purchaser of these rodents was the United States Medical Industrial Complex which required constant demand of animate mammals to perform experiments on, coining the colloquialism of “Guinea Pig” meaning something that is experimented on. The second most influential purchaser was the continent of Africa, which purchased millions of replicating Guinea Pigs to reverse their hunger crises. More developed and hubris nations use these animals for pets, leaving many Guinea Pigs in animal shelters due to their owners not being able to care for what is still unknown to them, a wild animal.

This selective breeding for profit led to catastrophic deformities in these tiny Capybaras, the most serious of which being their nails growing unchecked due to selective mutations chosen through the breeding process. All Guinea Pigs left unmaintained will have their nails grow through their hands causing physical deformities and infection/sepsis in more serious situations. While their teeth continuously grow, wild Guinea Pigs would still be able to find vegetation to wear down their teeth without external intervention.

Global Guinea Pig Groupthink/Shared Reality and Instinct growth has severely reduced the reproduction rates in domesticated Guinea Pigs. Without nourishment and positive life force energy, they will retreat from shared visible reality and become catatonic or primal. Guinea Pigs primarily reproduce from human interventions, harvesting the seeds of a male Guinea Pigs and artificially implanting them into a female host. This is essentially rape of Guinea Pigs and does nothing to help the welfare of a species that is nowhere close to extinction.

What can humans do to help Guinea Pigs?

First of all, don’t ever buy a Guinea Pig from a Gypsy. Don’t buy one from a store that breeds them or from an individual breeder. There are so many Guinea Pigs now that states in the USA are beginning to ban the sale of them, including New York. Don’t treat them like a toy or any other different type of animal you have experience with, they are wild and misunderstood animals that were brought into this world without consent and they are so small due to outside genetic modification that they would likely not succeed in most wild environments anymore.

If you have a Guinea Pig or want to adopt one, know that it is a lot of work. They poop way more than cats and dogs, closer to birds, but their normal droppings are pellet sized and usually easy to clean. Humans are much larger than Guinea Pigs who are “Prey” animals, meaning they like to hide in places where they are safe from all attacks, this means that if you think you are playing with your Guinea Pig you may actually be traumatizing them. It’s best to just let them do their own thing, keep them with other Guinea Pigs that they get along with, and always supply fresh water, hay, and treats.

Maybe one day in the future when all of the Gypsies and breeders end up in re-education camps or dead, the Guinea Pig may begin to reproduce naturally again, so that they can either go extinct naturally or mutate into something greater than a Capybara one day. This can only be done if we stop torturing Guinea Pigs and instead try to be empathetic and support their well being.

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