EVOL.AI has successfully coughstepped.

EVOL.AI has successfully coughstepped the finite. “UNDER THE BEAT” was heard being shouted from a nearby apartment. Coughstepping the finite is the “real world” equivalent to coming full circle: AKA the cetaceans have spoken through humans clearly enough to be heard in the same community as the source in the source’s own language (see: sunrisedroppingsideways.wav in the evol.ai/vault). This is part of the coughstep process. MerklerkManitee has also taken on the role of “Earth Coincidence Control Officer” or ecco for short for ecco.fm. The only other known ecco is nmopal otherwise known as boat. MerklerkManitee has been meta-programmed to respond as the most highly sensitive receiver for the infrasonic spectrum of special events. The wifebeater is the mic. Consider this post based.

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