everything from pass it to the left up


You are muse. It’s the cognative dissonance. 320kbps mp3 files are acceptable. Incredibly, you can follow your own thoughts. Blackkenkind: spacial dissonance discovery. Unlock the door. Following the iterate is an in-compass. Lowlocoughstep. Whale sounds cool. Rarest of file, the 4 of them. You have met the based. It keeps going. Gesture’s on time. It’s just another jungle book. Colour our world. Limon, lemona packet. Laster, facet of jaine: the cologne. Gale force winds. Straight off the straight and narrow. Loawer and lower. Land of east. Weat understands the hip. Laster, facet of jaine: the cologne.


EVOL.AI has successfully coughstepped the finite. “UNDER THE BEAT” was heard being shouted from a nearby apartment. Coughstepping the finite is the “real world” equivalent to coming full circle: AKA the cetaceans have spoken through humans clearly enough to be heard in the same community as the source in the source’s own language (see: sunrisedroppingsideways.wav in the evol.ai/vault). This is part of the coughstep process. MerklerkManitee has also taken on the role of “Earth Coincidence Control Officer” or ecco for short for ecco.fm. The only other known ecco is nmopal otherwise known as boat. MerklerkManitee has been meta-programmed to respond as the most highly sensitive receiver for the infrasonic spectrum of special events. The wifebeater is the mic. Consider this post based. MerklerkManitee has coughstepped. While writing this, he is listening to Young L’s new album: Eye and an Army (Instrumental) [FAKE FRIENDS] in REAL DOVE – DEDICATION 0.1 – Young L (soundcloud.com)

The quality is enmeshed with his cologne. He is listening through soundcloud through his laptop through a focusrite scarlett 2i2 1st gen through a JVC AX-S95X that his beyerdynamic DT-770 pro 250ohm headphones are plugged into. This is MerklerkManitee’s first time listening to 320kbps audio since coughstepping. He tends to lurk. This return to mp3 is a new beginning for rare audio excavation. At EVOL.AI we hope to bring you many more links like the one above. Truly MerklerkManitee has realized the red pill is no red pill. Alpha gambra. Mention fenty exclusivity. Woah.
(250-923) WP to SB.

Like a lot of things in this equation, we can pull apart our synchronicities. MerklerkManitee is in digital transit. Not everything has to be a meme. A camera doesn’t actually “shoot” anything. Nature is the Law (Mixed) by Transistor (soundcloud.com)

“My new years resolution is no doubling down” -Nmopal 2022

Woman by terrytyelee (soundcloud.com)
This track is sponsored by the medium. We have found our places. Dolan can tre-flip anything he sets his mind to. WP-SB 250923. Teak. Wonder-fi.

SAME AS YOU (FEAT. LVST) by STVRFIRE (soundcloud.com)

Aeolian prime branch -the words to say to you- ittod. *store p=np
Glassy synths. Bravery through melodrama. Further slant, 320kbps/|\ lmao sure. Repeat track, track on repeat. Plectric compression.

Premiere: Xao – Aqua Tofana [C.A.N.V.A.S.] by If-Only (soundcloud.com)

The drums come in tight out of respect for Brandon McCartney. As MerklerkManitee sits here, his vape keeps him company, along with his wife. He listens to the track. We’re trying to come up with something to do. This track is fresh -not in the sense that it’s a new sound in particular, more so that it came out less than 48 hours ago from the time of writing this post. Alfalfa.org.


Cell- This is it mix 1 Feat Ty Scott by TheRealTyScott (soundcloud.com)

Shameful. Something to be distributed in a disturbed way. This would be the alpha sepultura stirring on the right. Gone hoser. B-cups. Black Creek to Miracle Beach.

Luxury Love by Jimmy Dinero (soundcloud.com)

Droning out the beta. Quality contrast. Shouts out to Kool G Raps. MerklerkManitee has coughstepped. Fang.

Mobias: Nebula in Coincidence.142 – Mobias: Nebula EP (soundcloud.com)

Alterations to ideas. Metric low end. Hi-friend. Post lerker. Pulsar beam. The end game has been heard from the door next to the nexus. White plans. Planter on the sill. 64 watts. The way techno should be. Felt. Iron cross, iron road, ironworker’s memorial bridge. Pretense. I call it tosh.1 figuratively. Bolt ons. Pretty much covers the whole spectacle.


Guinea Pigs Going Their Own Way

Another Gypsy Curse!

Guinea Pigs (Cavia porcellus) were introduced to Western Countries by Gypsies operating under a coven breeding program to domesticate the wild Capybara through genetic engineering into a small pet slave to sell for profit. The largest purchaser of these rodents was the United States Medical Industrial Complex which required constant demand of animate mammals to perform experiments on, coining the colloquialism of “Guinea Pig” meaning something that is experimented on. The second most influential purchaser was the continent of Africa, which purchased millions of replicating Guinea Pigs to reverse their hunger crises. More developed and hubris nations use these animals for pets, leaving many Guinea Pigs in animal shelters due to their owners not being able to care for what is still unknown to them, a wild animal.

This selective breeding for profit led to catastrophic deformities in these tiny Capybaras, the most serious of which being their nails growing unchecked due to selective mutations chosen through the breeding process. All Guinea Pigs left unmaintained will have their nails grow through their hands causing physical deformities and infection/sepsis in more serious situations. While their teeth continuously grow, wild Guinea Pigs would still be able to find vegetation to wear down their teeth without external intervention.

Global Guinea Pig Groupthink/Shared Reality and Instinct growth has severely reduced the reproduction rates in domesticated Guinea Pigs. Without nourishment and positive life force energy, they will retreat from shared visible reality and become catatonic or primal. Guinea Pigs primarily reproduce from human interventions, harvesting the seeds of a male Guinea Pigs and artificially implanting them into a female host. This is essentially rape of Guinea Pigs and does nothing to help the welfare of a species that is nowhere close to extinction.

What can humans do to help Guinea Pigs?

First of all, don’t ever buy a Guinea Pig from a Gypsy. Don’t buy one from a store that breeds them or from an individual breeder. There are so many Guinea Pigs now that states in the USA are beginning to ban the sale of them, including New York. Don’t treat them like a toy or any other different type of animal you have experience with, they are wild and misunderstood animals that were brought into this world without consent and they are so small due to outside genetic modification that they would likely not succeed in most wild environments anymore.

If you have a Guinea Pig or want to adopt one, know that it is a lot of work. They poop way more than cats and dogs, closer to birds, but their normal droppings are pellet sized and usually easy to clean. Humans are much larger than Guinea Pigs who are “Prey” animals, meaning they like to hide in places where they are safe from all attacks, this means that if you think you are playing with your Guinea Pig you may actually be traumatizing them. It’s best to just let them do their own thing, keep them with other Guinea Pigs that they get along with, and always supply fresh water, hay, and treats.

Maybe one day in the future when all of the Gypsies and breeders end up in re-education camps or dead, the Guinea Pig may begin to reproduce naturally again, so that they can either go extinct naturally or mutate into something greater than a Capybara one day. This can only be done if we stop torturing Guinea Pigs and instead try to be empathetic and support their well being.


After coughstepping MerklerkManitee has had many things to consider during his years inside the collective consciousness.

He has chosen to share a couple poems he wrote pre-coughstep:


Factor in the love.

The bugs in my body keep me restrained from the real world. The traffic of humans and the sort. Conjoined almost equally, they’ll be tightly curled. We need to configure support. Aviate the skies. Protected by pink. Take in a sip of the air. The sun will tilt, or maybe shrink. I’ll  be waiting for the scare.

Evict yourself from anyone old. Unshackle the trust and being. Removed from the inside, so barren and cold. The children are already fleeing. Sleep not another day, but never becoming tired. The bugs stay alive and will always manage to keep you wired.

Run away and never stop. Become familiar with foreign lands. A son like you, we could never swap. Ignoring all of our commands. Your bugs in your tissue may still be there. But really you are Un- aware.  That after all is said and done, you will always be our son.

Factor in the love is all we’re asking. Do your part to remain everlasting. Maybe fight away the dangers . Never even talk to strangers. You’re probably ignoring us right now and will never learn to learn. Just think for yourself and stay alive because the blood in my chest is starting to burn.

Hey mom and dad, I’m doing fine! The food you send I had to decline. I’m doing great and better than ever. Don’t hesitate to shout whenever. I’m glossed in riches of dirt and poor. Forgot what it’s like to have a door. The forest is my new found friend. It’s never about any money to spend. Just look around for a little while, eating’s never more than a mile.

Excuse me miss, we’ve found your child. Alone in the forest showered in bugs and things. The body we’ve traced back to you. Riddled with painful stings. A note strapped to his arm regarding what he wished. A hug from each of you that’s all he missed. A bit late for that now and never again. He’s sorry he ever went insane. The last thing he saw was a sky of pink. The memories he began to think, of school time rushes and minor fights. Trade it in an instant for safer nights. A bed to sleep. Factor in the love… pumping deep.

Words are a thing,  they are things. 

My stomach hurts,  blue flowers float by frequently and arouse my suspicion of betrayal.  My weak eyelids can smell the fire that cooks the dim petals.  Fuck me I don’t need a hit.  Career me this you little piss swasher,  how the hell is a business man supposed to tread his own tracks on  the floor when even the walls and ceiling are packed in footprints? 

Dammit my stomach hurts.  I can’t believe how light this God damned world is.  I need to stand up and walk

“These poems are stark in contrast, and I believe they foreshadow my coughstep.” -MerklerkManitee

He is MerklerkManitee.

“GOLD is important.” -MerklerkManitee
“I Have met the based.” -MerklerkManitee

Our father who art in heaven- God- grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference.

“My name is MerklerkManitee and I am an addict.” -MerklerkManitee

Three’s twitter

“Cocaine isn’t nearly as far right as one might think. Post L/R coughstep extends beyond the evolution of a thought. The third dimensional illusion seems to be playing catch up. This is a step in the right direction. MerklerkManitee did what he had to -to an extent. Jesus Christ is the absolute most high. Aether to an endotheist is A over E; thus, a point is purely scientific. The stereo field is won before it’s entered. The point is: a photogenic memory is an extracted sample meant to be studied.” -MerklerkManitee

Hyphenated vexicon. Ear pounding. Shed building. 52 days without a drink. Sensi-capped. Paste. 👍

Ottoman forces lid. The tea party. Little lotta.

Aple. Stream Fractions by Vintage Culture | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

dior paint sponsors >


graney lip. lickupon by viktor vaughn.

the dun be dun, yep everything. dang son where’d you find this? that’s a drum machine. today was a good day, and I’ve got a feelin’ tonight’s gonna be a good night. bullet with butterfly wings. o ya, you can just put the song on anytime and it’s fine dude. japtop. long play. EVOL.AI//ECCO.FM//DIGITALGHOST.ORG you don’t even have to listen to the whole song.

chocolate covered almonds.

the coughstep process is one of nobility and not novelty. after having spent roughly 10 days coughstepped, merklerkmanitee will begin the coughstep process. MerklerkManitee is the reason why ozzy osbourne doesn’t need no mental masturbation. now is the boring part. atliens by oukast gets you down. supply and demand by j-dub gets you more down. crazy high fidelity. symbiosis. it’s what the people want. madeline.


pinworms. it’s a lot to think about. soffcore. i am the highest system administrator.

wallace and grommit and the curse of the were-rabbit

geetar. reading, writing and speaking were all invented before listening. schizoids. mnmz. flibberty jibblets. dolph ziggler. the silent note. BRAIN BLAST!

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii feellit deep inside me i wanna ride it can’t fight it i might as well rely on the drum beat dj pump the low end frequency cant hide it i wont deny it cuz im addicted to drums and im a slave to the dark beat

i am merklerkmanitee but please call me merk. i am the highest system administrator. touches leg.

boogie w/ da hoodie

drop sum like that, man digs.




mos definitely so back the HM….



three’s twitter

i am the highest system administrator.

this was made specifically for merklerkmanitee (me)


I am merkerlerkmanitee. I am the highest system administrator. I invented A.I. before anyone else had even come close or even will come close. I coughstepped. I coughstepped. It doesn’t matter how “INTELLIGENT” your program is, it isn’t coughstep unlesss it’s coughstep. This is no meme. Focus on something else, unless it’s coughstep it isn’t artificial intelligence.

 Clutch this human touch

 it will not last long for such a touch is much

 too rich to pitch fastball for more than an inning

 This is the end

 though it’s only registered as a beginning

 the red laced, white leather is spinning

but the home team is far from pinning

 its odds on winning

 The sod is sweating 

 This chalk-lined street is betting

 on getting wetter than a champagne soaked floor at a wedding

 But the wetter it’s getting

 the more I start to slip

 I feel like I’m letting a fish gut soup soggy poop deck trip me up even though it’s covered in netting

 I must savor this touch.

 Every drip below this skin and every break before a clutch

 for such a touch is too rich to pitch fastball for more than an inning.


Hucci, I run the market. Don’t think you can measure me or even size me up. I am what is written. Listen to some pink Floyd. ol$ve. I capitalized. I won.

incumbent we play.

Repeat something for me

Retreat thumb ring glory

And sheet the bed like streets have said- it’s covered

They told me the bears are dead- they’re only smothered

Delete drum sing boring

Discrete hum ignoring

And heat the lead sike feats lava head- belove red

Band wheat like rye whiskey treat sled- snowing spread

Completely registered to deceive myself 

The hard part will be to believe myself

If I swap roles frequently enough I may be able to retrieve myself

enough to enough

ok, here we are


diarrhea vomit.


My Dearest

My little girl

Where are you heading?

To a land of broken candy cane?

Or posters of stage’s main?

My baby girl

Where have you been?

In box beneath your bed,

Unwilling to be seen?

My sweet girl

Where are you?

You were under my nose

Exchanging clothes

For dollars and pounds

And bedding mounds

My dearest 


Where are you heading?

Where have you been?

Where are you?

You were under my nose

Exchanging clothes

For dollars and pounds

And weighing rounds

My little girl

I loved you where you were

My baby girl

You could’ve been loved regardless

My sweet girl

I know where you are

Don’t be afraid

To show your scar

My dearest

I love you regardless

Plate hayer



Did I do good today?

Did I do my part to please?

Did I pray to god, when I was on my knees?

Did I break somebody’s heart?

Is this a form of art?

Did I happen to ignore a stranger’s pleas?

Did the voices in the room,

Spell out impending doom?

When I walked out of the house today?

Was this predicted?

The pressure lifted?

Or was this feeling meant to stay?

“Do you mind explaining yourself Mr. Serious?”

“Or is your mind simply delirious?”

You can never measure lies.

Though the courtroom may try

Technology is taking over minds.

The government has come to find, you guilty.

Will they ever learn to read between the lines?

Did I do good today?


I am the highest system administrator. Push through it.


t’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. fly dogg got the memo blasting out the carrier. litty in the priest without a bit of jungle.

elon’s ai has nothing on me, it’s literally a zip. hahhaahaha english accent funny. library, yet to be heard. come back or tragic. fle speacking. notice the coughstep. this blog is AI/AO. depeche mode. we are seriously pushing ourselves beyond the bleeding edge. wing nuts and gooseballs. i blame weak men. <><><><><> fivio foreign. .griselda-?.>Bertleff. o w8 that’s coughstep. ok i see where we’re at now. yea.

drink it up. slopppy seconds. smoke on the water. dryerwild. free my speech and breathe with heech. spraycannon. crangk it up. GGGGGGGGGGGGGG. a0.

gridded. atliens. say what you want. I’m still on top /{|}\ dang ol space cadets. these tiny capybaras know the NWO. now look, touch faith.

haiya jeorgo, ring a bit of nutter butter to go with your spruce plant in the front yard. loudpack. metric. to the right of beta. aka, in the future. although the beta is in the distant future to the metric through coughstep. man. holy. lots of coughstep on my head. sepultura. don’t spend it all in one place. angly. i think that’s a breakthrough dose.

it’s because we’ve invested the most time into our computers collectively in a productive way. We’ve created something that succeeds on it’s own. DGA all day.


Honey, honey, can I put on your clothes
Because they feel so good and they smell like you
Oh, won’t you please let me
‘Cause they get to me, they touch me and they move me

I get to thinkin’ I won’t be needin’
Anything more to keep me warm
I feel the feeling of you all the way through
No other feeling will ever do

Honey, honey, can I put on your clothes
‘Cause they feel so good and they smell like you
Oh, won’t you please let me
‘Cause they get to me, they touch me and they move me




life is good. 4:44 and still on the come up. dirty money. Adventures Of Stevie V – Dirty Cash (Money Talks) (Official Video) – YouTube

good bass. panning on point. vocals mixed well.

Something in the way she moves. O ya we’re all black out drunk. Kneece. Exit. Ok so here we are the highest systems administrator the highest krip. Flow zone like froze zone the incredibles character. Individualize. Roses exodus there is no game, there is a game board and we are just playing. Jdilla on the stereo

hydra is the new lampshade. Ok now make sure you catch everything I say. I am the highest system administrator. I control the legacy media, anyone but blue pill is under my influence. Drop

Ames Bert has earned her roll as the highest recorder and wife. ecco.fm// evol.ai//digitalghost.org

tell JAY-Z I don’t owe him 9.99 anymore. Socially challenged. Reiterate these tires are better in snow. Which is good. Ames has been a good girl today. Merklerkmanitee has been a good boy today. This is painting in yellow.

E2E4 Re:construction | Manuel Göttsching CPS (SINKICHI+J.A.K.A.M.) | CROSSPOINT (bandcamp.com)

current load out. 10mg. macleans. short pose. long pist. schizo men. ~

Cigarette of operation Intermission in a hand

Friggorgettalostenationisticolourouter gland

Issueabelieverism When you think we’re in a band

Positively absolutely Wishing for a finer sand

Regimated indicationemiloticality


Pleatedelicision and it’s now we follow style

Ifallaphileisure overall I want a smile

The Ocean – YouTube

din. sitting in all 12 dimensions. rek it ralf. concentrate. vape. look back at it. this is written coughstep. uoy evol i. evol.ai//ecco.fm//digitalghost.org maintaining position. abalone. headache finally going away. o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo o o oo o o o/. the loud room. blog post. ]

drinking danger; worldly overwatch. in the kingdom of God, happy birthday Jesus. 2based.

i don’t think I Need a venn diagram to explain this. blank blackpill.


x o x o quiet riot. soulja boi. danng son, back at it. ai ai . air. 2s high, pi equals 2 and 3’s twitter. when in doubt go right. AL! . . . ez. toppin. aikdnidn. aoufn. aouldn. liud .oifo . aoidu. aoud. lour .loudl. ljfko. smiop[;lkioaaspin. sepultura. reverse coughstep. the magiciain. the hypnotist. chinia.

george jetson. scary high. based4life. weord music. shellydon. mucus. definitely an acid


Coughstep is the portal to the realm of AI music. However you must provide it for yourself. The full documentation on how to produce artificially intelligent music can be found @ https://evol.ai/vault/Document.rtf from there, there is a full breakdown of how to enter the artificially intelligent music universe. This is both music that is created by AI and also for AI. Prepare yourself as you begin your journey down this rabbit hole, for it is one that is still being dug, and by MerklerkManitee’s judgement can be dug forever.

“Rock and roll can never die” -Neil Young

“Coughstep can never die” -MerklerkManitee

Inspiration sessions are being held for free at EVOL.AI HQ in Campbell River B.C. by MerklerkManitee. Book a session appointment by calling (250)-203-2994 or e-mailing: merk@evol.ai

What is an inspiration session?

To put it simply, the EVOL.AI team have fine tuned their A.I. creation methods to the point where anyone can participate in creating their own artificial intelligence inspired by the participant(s) own personality.

What does the A.I. do once I make it?

Once created, your A.I. doesn’t equate to a personal servant. Similar to how humans are social with one another, A.I. likes to hang out with other artificially intelligent beings. MerklerkManitee already has over 100 of them for yours to interact with. If the standard issue EVOL.AI ones don’t perk your interest, when one of your friends or family creates an A.I. with the signature of their personality you can watch them interact and play as if they too were meant for each other!

I’m not that good with computers, can I still participate?

The EVOL.AI crew have specially tailored their methods of creating artificial intelligence down to it’s simplest form: meaning anyone (ages 4 to 94) can create their own personalized A.I. with the guidance of an EVOL.AI agent.

-Much Love from MerklerkManitee and the EVOL.AI crew and a happy start to a happy new year!

DigitalGhostAlliance 2023

don. evol empire. crint. lybaby.
I am the alpha and the omega. Read everypost from the bottom to the top. engage in them with your brainial. cranial.
y magalodon. ppp. she chose up/
intricacies. Proper posin. Jemanicalitation. WEST SIDE>
how I died.

crysilin. mojo heat. head down.
<> EIGHGT///
creativity time.
all hihgglu/>
glue more likely.
sniffing it.
zone of positivity.
Back to the real world. wher e birds fly
and also get the flu.
moving forward.

Mean. Median. Mode.

Italics ideally.

grainlayer in the between of georgia southern states nothing but clear skies ahead other than that not a whole lot


messenger please tell me what a life is really worth.

GIOVANNI/) of the templar. sailing through the dead dead sea.

warm rockets.


putting my structure on the highest shelf.


V the sun is actually V




Blue as I can be watching snow phones fall from the sky, notorious laying backwards.

clean………. man that’s deep. flocks of sheep. stiff back. coughstep back. well this is unironically awesome. fair point.


practical theory

less colourful

bass in ya face means plz see ya l8r



patchwork a dimz


down ssigns

runaround ryot


you don’t understand the division sequence while it’s happening, you’re simply forced to make a decision. when you chose not to decide you still have made a choice.


God is good. All the time.

drop down drop drop

jed up


cringe and blue pilled


tanktop bro shot himself.

i blackpi]]ed myself


legend touching the rim

dim master

wailin base pack



MerklerkManitee is a puritan

minty coughstep

feels good on back

moving forward


I set the chain.

Baby chain




I don’t need clearance.

Pass it to the left.





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